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Juliet Cursham, an acclaimed British sculptor, has successfully harnessed the challenging medium of bronze to craft a series of eight distinctive fox sculptures. Ranging in size from one to three metres, each piece captures a unique snapshot of a fox's life, revealing Cursham's deep understanding of these elusive creatures.

Rather than simply recreating a fox's form, Cursham infuses each sculpture with the essence of the animal’s spirit. Her foxes are portrayed in a variety of postures, from hunting to pouncing, embodying the dynamic, agile nature of these creatures. Despite the static nature of bronze, her foxes exude a sense of potential motion, offering a vivid representation of life in the wild.

What distinguishes Cursham's work is her ability to create a sense of movement in an otherwise rigid material. Each bronze fox appears ready to leap into action, encapsulating the vivacity and energy of these wild creatures. The range in scale across the series emphasises the adaptability of foxes, adding another dimension to her art.

With every meticulously crafted detail, Cursham pays tribute to her wild subjects, merging nature and art in a captivating way. Her bronze foxes stand as a testament to her exceptional talent, inviting viewers to appreciate the intriguing beauty of these creatures and inspiring a deeper connection with the natural world.

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